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Silver Lining Productions

Our Mission

Our Mission is to present both participants and event goers with relevant experiences that are beneficial to the greater community. Although we specialize in fashion, our tried and true methods carry over to a variety of affairs and may include any combination of the services.


Casting Agent

Casting Agent

Years of experience have contributed to our success in the modeling and entertainment industry. As casting agents, we are responsible for making sure our clients understand the details of the project, including the shoot location, call time, wardrobe requirements and rate of pay.

Full Scale Event Production

Full Scale Event Production

We facilitate seamless, stress-free events! We act as your liaison between vendors, event location and the community to ensure everything falls into place. From event build out, lighting plans and music direction, we stay on top of all the details so you don't have to.

Art Direction

Art Direction

Are you in a creative rut? No problem! Together, we will generate ideas, work on designs to produce an effective advertising campaign, commission specialists such as artists photographers, MUAH (make-up and hair) and manage your project while staying within a budget.

Stage Managing

Stage Managing

No chaos on our stage! A stage manager is a special person because they have the temperament and ability to get along with people in both the artistic and technical sides of the stage.



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Upcoming Events

Eugene by Design

Eugene by Design celebrates our makers and risk takers by turning the spotlight on the brightest (design) innovations in our community. Rising stars in fashion, art and technology join forces to present their concepts and collections during pop-up installations and community events that explore how we are all impacted, connected and inspired (by design).


 Spring Show: April 8, 9, 10 2016
 Fall Show: October 7, 8, 9 2016

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